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Complaint Form

Do not fill out this form unless you are making a complaint in respect of a policy or service of the Edmonton Police Service or the conduct of a police officer. Reports of crime should be made directly to the police service through the non-emergency line at 780-423-4567 or in person at the nearest police station. In an emergency situation or to report a crime in progress, dial 911.

The Edmonton Police Commission is committed to resolving all complaints in an expeditious, transparent and fair manner.

The Alberta Police Act provides that the Commission may accept complaints regarding the Edmonton Police Service. The Police Act requires that complaints (except those against the Chief of Police) be referred to the Chief for investigation. The information collected on this form will be used by the Commission to contact you. It will also be forwarded to the Edmonton Police Service Professional Standards Branch in order that they may investigate your complaint. Please contact the Edmonton Police Commission Public Complaint Director at 780-414-7510 with any questions about how your personal information will be used or disclosed.

  • Personal Information

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  • If your complaint is about a specific police officer(s), please provide any details that you have about the officer(s) you are making a complaint against in the text box below. For example, name, Reg. Number, area where office works, description etc.