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Citizen Awards

This Citizen Award acknowledges civilians who have:

  • intervened in a crime in progress;
  • assisted the Edmonton Police Service in apprehending an offender;
  • played a major role in the successful outcome of a police investigation; or
  • put themselves at personal risk by coming to the aid of a police officer or fellow citizen in a dangerous situation, and in doing so have prevented injury, trauma or death.

Their commendable actions have made our community a safer place to live, work and play.
The 2018 EPC Citizen Awards were presented to:

Paul Coates

Late one night in January, two Southwest Patrol Officers responded to a reported family dispute in a Terwillegar neighbourhood.

Officers found an intoxicated man outside, but after speaking to residents, learned that no criminal offence occurred. However, the man was found to be breaching his recognizance conditions, and had to be arrested.

The man was handcuffed, but managed to bring his hands forward. While the officers tried to gain control, a violent and prolonged struggle ensued, and the man wrapped his hands around the throat of one of the officers.

Mr. Paul Coates witnessed the confrontation and intervened, and helped to physically remove the man so he could be safely taken into custody. Mr. Coates’ put himself in harm’s way, but his courage helped prevent the violence from escalating further.

This brave citizen was nominated by Southwest Division Acting Staff Sergeant Rae Gerrard.

Congratulations Paul Coates.

Matthew Manz, Raymond Pick, and Terry Herchek

One morning in October 2017, Mr. Matthew Manz was in his truck at a west-end Shell Station when he observed a man leave his car running at the gas pumps.

Another man walked up to the unattended car and drove away with it. Having witnessed a car theft in progress, Mr. Manz decided to follow the car, and watched as it failed to stop at an intersection and collided with another vehicle.

The driver of the stolen car then ran from the collision scene without checking on the occupants of the other vehicle.

Mr. Raymond Pick who lived in a residence nearby heard the collision, and when he looked outside, saw a man fleeing the scene on foot. Believing this to be a hit and run collision, Mr. Pick immediately chased the man through his yard and into the alley.

It was at this point that another resident, Mr. Terry Herchek, heard shouts for help outside his house and went to investigate. After witnessing the fleeing man jump over his neighbour’s fence, Mr. Herchek also joined the pursuit.

Mr. Manz who witnessed the car theft and collision, called police on his cell phone, and joined Mr. Pick and Mr. Herchek as they apprehended the man and held him for police.

For their teamwork and courage apprehending a dangerous and prolific criminal, these citizens were nominated by West Division Staff Sergeant Barry Maron.

Congratulations Matthew Manz, Raymond Pick, and Terry Herchek.

David Allen

In July 2017, a man and a woman broke into the secure underground parkade of a southside seniors living facility.

The couple pried open a door to gain access to the basement storage lockers, but the noise alerted Mr. David Allen who was nearby.

Mr. Allen confronted the couple, but the man swung and threw a tire iron, but Mr. Allen managed to dodge it.

Rather than retreating to safety, Mr. Allen pursued the two suspects as they fled. He grabbed the man by his backpack, however he slipped away and escaped on a bicycle.

The woman also tried to escape on bicycle, but Mr. Allen was able to stop her. Despite her efforts to flee, he was able to hold her until police arrived.

This fearless citizen was nominated by Southwest Division Acting Sergeant Paul Olekszyk.

Congratulations David Allen.

Eugene Derose

On an afternoon in February 2016, a lone constable was dealing with a man and a woman about a bylaw offence on a sidewalk near Commonwealth Stadium.

The man was uncooperative, refusing to give his name, and walking away despite warnings not to. The constable attempted to take him into custody, but the man charged and began throwing punches.

The large man was able to wrestle and pin the constable to ground, where he could not breathe or access his weapons to defend himself.

Mr. Eugene Derose was driving by, and without hesitation, stopped his car and ran to the constable’s aid. Mr. Derose quickly pulled the man away, and helped the constable handcuff him, ending the ordeal without further incident.

While there were numerous bystanders nearby, they appeared to be concerned with capturing the incident on their phones, and only Mr. Derose came to the constable’s aid during the attack.

Because of his valor, this citizen was nominated by Northwest Division Constable Sasa Novakovic.

Congratulations Eugene Derose.

Stephen Lount, Aaron Breitkreutz, Curtis Pyck, and Trevor Nathan

One night in late December 2017, Ms. Deborah Mah was working in customer service at the Stony Plain London Drugs when she heard a disturbance in the store.

A man in a drug-induced psychosis entered the store and claimed that unknown persons were trying to harm him.

When Ms. Mah approached, the man grabbed her to use as a barrier between him and his imaginary attackers. He held her hostage with a cord around her neck and a pair of scissors, preventing her from fleeing.

Several employees and customers tried to calm the man and negotiate for Ms. Mah’s release, while others called 911.

As the man became increasingly agitated and threatening, one of the shoppers Mr. Stephen Lount, picked up a snow shovel from a nearby rack just in case he needed to intervene.

Unexpectedly, the delirious man began stabbing Ms. Mah in the back, neck and face in a violent rage.

Mr. Lount immediately struck the man with the shovel, which created an opportunity for Ms. Mah to escape, while fellow shopper Mr. Aaron Breitkreutz grabbed the man.

Joined by other shoppers Mr. Curtis Pyck and Mr. Trevor Nathan, the four men wrestled the man to the ground, disarmed him of the scissors, and held him until police arrived.

Undoubtedly, they saved Ms. Mah from suffering more severe injuries or even death.

For their quick thinking and selfless actions in a deadly situation, these citizens were nominated by West Division Staff Sergeant Trevor Bohachyk.

Congratulations Stephen Lount, Aaron Breitkreutz, Curtis Pyck, and Trevor Nathan.