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Citizen Awards

Citizen Awards acknowledge civilians who have:

  • intervened in a crime in progress;
  • assisted the Edmonton Police Service in apprehending an offender;
  • played a major role in the successful outcome of a police investigation; or
  • put themselves at personal risk by coming to the aid of a police officer or fellow citizen in a dangerous situation, and in doing so have prevented injury, trauma or death.

Their commendable actions have made our community a safer place to live, work and play.

The 2022 EPC Citizen Awards were presented to:

Chris Hancock
Joseph Chambrinho
Derek Olson

On March 11, 2022, Robert Hancock, Joseph Chambrinho and Derek Olson prevented a suicidal individual from jumping from the High Level Bridge before police and EMS could arrive on scene. Impressively, Mr. Hancock did this while carrying his child in a baby carrier strapped to his back. Together, these three selfless men were able to prevent the suicidal individual from jumping off the bridge until police arrived and were able to take the individual into custody, who was then transported to hospital by EMS. There is no doubt that the quick and selfless actions of these three citizens saved a life that evening, which earned them this recognition.

Olga Muradov

On September 25, 2021, Olga Muradov, a nurse by profession, rushed to the scene of a nearby collision and administered First Aid on a driver who had suffered a heart attack. Ms. Muradov had been exercising in a park nearby when she learned of the collision which had occurred nearby. The driver had no pulse and Ms. Muradov continued providing CPR until EMS could arrive and take the driver to a hospital, where he received open-heart surgery. The driver was eventually released from hospital and made full recovery. Ms. Muradov acted quickly and skillfully to get the driver the necessary medical assistance, which likely saved the driver’s life that day.

Ngoc Duong

On March 30, 2022, police responded to an individual running through rush hour traffic who fled police and climbed the guardrail of the overpass on 23 Avenue over Gateway Boulevard. Police feared for the possibility that the individual could roll or jump off the bridge and fall into the heavy traffic below. That is when Ngoc Duong exited his vehicle and began to speak with the individual.

Mr. Duong displayed excellent de-escalation skills to help a distressed individual safely into police custody. Mr. Duong played a pivotal role in calming down and encouraging the individual not to harm themselves and to t trust the police on scene. Mr. Duong acted with great empathy which likely saved the individual’s life by bringing the situation to a quick and safe resolution.

Carter Domprova

EMS member Carter Domprova and a colleague were instrumental in securing the safety of officers at the scene of an arrest in the Bonnie Doon neighbourhood on June 8, 2022.

Police were dispatched to a disturbance at the Youth Emergency Shelter where an intoxicated 17-year-old male had been refused entry to a facility. He had broken multiple windows and lacerated his hands on the glass. EMS had to withdraw to a safe position for staging due to the suspect’s violent and erratic behaviour, combined with an aggressive crowd forming on the scene.

Despite rapidly growing danger, Mr. Domprova and another EMS member inserted themselves as a barrier against a angry crowd to protect the police as they worked to arrest a violent youth. Both individuals displayed quick thinking and courage to preserve the peace and safety of the officers involved.

Jackson Whyte

On May 28, 2022, Jackson Whyte observed a male suspect breaking into his neighbour’s vehicle and stealing items from inside. Mr. Whyte then took chase of the fleeing break and enter suspect for several blocks. Mr. Whyte was injured during the chase yet continued to chase the suspect while continually shouting for help and asking others to call 911. Due to Mr. Whyte’s actions, police were able to catch up and arrest the suspect, who was then found to have items in his possession which linked him as a suspect of an earlier aggravated assault. Without the selfless actions of Mr. Whyte putting his own personal safety at risk to help others, police would likely not have located or identified the suspect.

Dylan Power

On March 29, 2022, Dylan Power and a fellow Transit Peace Officer were instrumental in apprehending an individual wanted by the EPS for a recent homicide. At the request of EPS’s Homicide Section, police sent a bulletin out to all members as well as transit peace officers to be on the look out for the suspect who was a safety risk to officers. The two peace officers spotted a male throwing bottles and garbage around a transit terminal and soon after interacting with him, they recognized he was the subject of the

Travis Erickson
Pablo De Leon

On October 21, 2021, Peace Officers Travis Erickson and Pablo De Leon responded to an emergency call from a doctor who had requested Alberta Health Services’ Protective Services to attend an unresponsive individual. Mr. Erickson and Mr. De Leon were first on scene and provided First Aid to the individual. Both officers administered Narcan and deployed an Automated External Defibrillator in efforts to save a life. Determined, they continued to work chest compressions on the individual for 15 minutes until EMS could arrive. EMS worked on the patient for another forty minutes before the individual was declared deceased. Mr. Erickson and Mr. De Leon’s actions were responsible, quick, selfless and comprehensive in the efforts to preserve life, despite this tragic outcome.