The Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) is committed to effective board governance and acknowledges that the process of evaluation contributes to increased performance of the Commission as a whole and increased capacity-building.

A formal assessment of the Commission as an entity will assist in identifying strengths, achievements, and areas for improvement.



  1. The Commission will carry out a formal assessment of their performance at a minimum of once per year. This assessment will measure how Commissioners perceive the Commission is performing its duties.
  2. The Commission will carry out a comprehensive governance review of the Commission as a whole at a minimum of once every four years. This review will assess the state of the Commission’s current governance model and assess processes to ensure they are effective in carrying out the responsibilities of the Commission. This process will involve input from Commission members, staff, the Chief of Police, and may involve input from other stakeholders.
  3. Prior to designing and implementing an evaluation process, the Commission will meet to determine the substantive and specific goals and objectives they want to achieve through each evaluation.
  4. The Commission will also meet post evaluation to discuss and reach an agreement on action items and corresponding timelines to address any issues observed in each evaluation report.
  5. Results from these evaluations will be used to inform strategic planning, policy development and/or revision(s), educational opportunities, and address any missing skills or competencies on the Commission.