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EPS funding formula


Chair Erick Ambtman issued the following statement:

“The Edmonton Police Commission is pleased that City Council voted to keep the current police funding formula which ties budget growth to inflation and Edmonton’s population.

“The funding formula ensures police services are available to the citizens of Edmonton when they are needed. By having population growth and non-personnel inflation included, Council has ensured that services are not eroded or reduced as the population increases and more people call Edmonton their home. The funding formula provides certainty and predictability in police funding to allow for long-term planning of resources within the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) to improve safety across the city.

“The formula gives assurance to Edmonton’s taxpayers by capping the ratio of EPS funding to City spending at 30 per cent of civic departments. This provides Council with peace-of-mind during the four-year budget cycle by using a ratio cap of 30 per cent, which is an effective policy tool that allows the City to ensure police funding increases do not exceed increases in other areas of municipal spending.

“The Commission recognizes that the policing is an essential service in providing public safety. Resource demands are increasing across Edmonton in terms of crime rates, calls for service and violent crime. This was not the time to create resourcing pressures within the service in the face of increased demand for those service

“The Commission will continue to advocate for an adequately funded police service to ensure safety and well-being for all who call Edmonton their home as we continue to fulfill our legislated responsibilities under Alberta’s Police Act.”