The Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) values and recognizes the necessity for providing and maintaining appropriate learning and development opportunities to fulfill their responsibilities to the organization in the role of providing governance and oversight.


  1. The Commission supports an ongoing commitment to training, education, and development for all its members in the pursuit of governance excellence.
  2. The Commission recognizes the need to be fiscally prudent and to leverage the costs of ongoing learning and development.
  3. The Commission will set an annual budget for training to cover the costs of registration, travel, accommodations, and meals as outlined in Commission policy 5.7 – Expenses.
  4. All educational opportunities will support the key strategic directions of the Commission.
  5. The Commission may draw upon external resources where appropriate by including presentations by outside experts to the Commission or committees on matters of particular importance or emerging significance.
  6. Commissioners will be advised on an ongoing basis by the Executive Director of upcoming opportunities for education and training.
  7. Commission members are encouraged to participate in training sessions and conferences of the Alberta Association of Police Governance (AAPG) and Canadian Association of Police Boards (CAPG), and to take advantage of other training opportunities that will increase their knowledge and capabilities as a Commission member.
  8. The following training opportunities are important and should be completed within the first year of appointment:
    1. All orientation and onboarding training sessions for new members;
    2. Alberta Justice & Solicitor General’s online training modules;


  1. Training attendance will be reported quarterly by each Commissioner using the Commissioner Training Self-Reporting Form.


  1. EPC Policy 5.7 – Expenses