The Commission approves establishment of “special (ad hoc)” committees of the Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) to carry out specific functions. All such committees shall be established by formal resolution and the Commission expects that these special committees to meet as required and to carry out their assigned duties and responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with the goals, objectives, and principals of the Commission.


  1. The Commission or standing committees may establish ad hoc committees as necessary.
  2. All ad hoc committees shall have a specific mandate and term.
  3. Ad hoc committees will include a minimum of one Commissioner.
  4. Ad hoc committees will schedule meetings as necessary.
  5. Ad hoc committees will report back to the Commission or standing committees and will make recommendation(s) for review and decision.
  6. Ad hoc committee members may not speak or act for the Commission except where formally given such authority for specific and time-limited purposes.
  7. The ad hoc committee will cease to exist on the completion of its project or mandate.


  1. The Chair of an ad hoc committee created by the Commission will be appointed by the Commission.
  2. The Chair of an ad hoc committee created by a standing committee will be appointed by the Chair of the standing committee.
  3. The ad hoc committee will establish terms of reference subject to Commission or standing committee approval.
  4. Ad hoc committees will set and schedule meetings as necessary.