The purpose of the Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) Governance Committee is to provide a focus on governance that will enhance performance for both the Commission and the Edmonton Police Service (Service).

The primary purpose of the Governance Committee is to consider and recommend actions and propose policies that are in alignment with the Commission’s and Service’s strategic plans, priority areas and strategic goals.

The Governance Committee is also responsible for the ongoing review of current Commission governance policies and recommends any necessary changes.

The Governance Committee is responsible for strategic plan development and review, annual evaluation of the Commission, setting the Commission’s operational plan and deals with all other matters referred to it by the Commission.

Composition and Operations:

  1. The Governance Committee shall have a minimum of three members appointed by the Commission, with one member designated as Chair.
  2. The Governance Committee shall meet on a monthly basis unless there is agreement by the committee members that a meeting is not required.
  3. The Governance Committee can consider scheduling additional meetings in order to fulfill their mandate and to be able to make recommendations to the Commission in a timely manner.
  4. The Executive Director shall attend meetings as required to act as administrative support to the committee and is not a voting member.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Review all Commission policies according to guidelines in policy 1.1.7 Policy Development.
  2. Review all changes to Edmonton Police Service policies that align with Commission policies and/or their governance and oversight role according to guidelines in policy2.3.2 Edmonton Police Service Policies.
  3. Conduct an annual evaluation of the Commission’s effectiveness and perform a comprehensive governance review of the Commission as a whole at a minimum once every four years according to guidelines in policy 4.3.1 Evaluation of Commission.
  4. Facilitate strategic planning sessions and operational planning sessions for the Commission according to guidelines in policy 1.1.4 Police Commission and Police Service Planning.
  5. Review and monitor the Annual Policing Plan to ensure the levels of service and program performance targets are being met.
  6. Review and monitor strategic key performance indicators and measures to ensure goals and objectives are being met.
  7. Assist with new Commission member orientation and ongoing professional development for the Commission.


  1. The Governance Committee shall review the terms of reference for this committee at a minimum once every three years and make recommendations for changes to the Commission if required.
  2. The Governance Committee shall keep records of its meetings and the Chair of the committee shall provide reports to the Commission on the matters discussed and any recommendations for decision.


  1. EPC Policy 1.1.4 – Police Commission and Police Service Planning
  2. EPC Policy 1.1.7 – Policy Development
  3. EPC Policy 2.3.2 – Edmonton Police Service Policies
  4. EPC Policy 4.3.1 – Evaluation of Commission
  5. EPC Policy 5.2.1 – Committees of the Commission

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