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4.2.3 GIFTS

It is imperative the public have confidence in the integrity of the Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) therefore; all Edmonton Police Commissioners (Commissioners) and Edmonton Police Commission staff (staff) will not use their positions for personal gain.



GIFT: Means a present, giveaway, souvenir, token or personal benefit provided with the Commissioner’s or staff member’s knowledge to the Commissioner, Commissioner’s family, or to staff, that is connected directly or indirectly to the performance of Commission duties.



  1. Commissioners will adhere to the City of Edmonton’s Bylaw 18483 – Council Code of Conduct.
  2. Staff will adhere to the City of Edmonton’s Code of Conduct Handbook and Guide.
  3. Commissioners and staff will not solicit gifts, favours, or services.
  4. Commissioners and staff will not accept gifts, favours, or services that could affect the objective performance of their duties.
  5.  Suitable mementos (e.g. plaques, books, mugs, pen sets, ties, and scarves) received as an incident of accepted protocol or normal expression of courtesy are allowable, including a reasonable memento honouring a Commissioner and/or staff member or tokens exchanged as part of protocol, festivities, or participation in public functions.
  6. Monetary payments or any entitlement of goods or services which accrue as a result of the performance of duties shall not be accepted for personal use, but may be used for Commission purposes, as determined by the Chair and/or Executive Director.
  7. Commission members and staff shall not accept discounts on goods and services unless it is the general business practice of an establishment to provide discounts to employer groups including the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Police Service.
  8. Commission members or staff shall not receive or seek preferential treatment in the use of civic facilities or services unless such use is a requirement of formal duties or functions.
  9. A gift given by the Commission must be given or incurred on behalf of the Commission, rather than in the personal capacity of a commission member or staff member; and must not consist of cash, or any cash equivalent.
  10. Gifts given by the Commission must connect to the legitimate affairs or business of the Commission and can include token gifts or souvenirs given to an official while on business travel.
  11. The Commission may give donations to a local, registered charity in lieu of a gift. The donation must be reasonable and appropriate to the occasion and may not exceed $100. (Note: The registered charity is not required to issue a donation receipt to the Commission.)
  12.  A Commissioner or staff member shall, as soon as practicable, return to the donor any gift that does not comply with this policy.
  13. Official gifts received by Commissioners or staff members on behalf of the Commission are considered Commission assets and will be managed by the Executive Director for display and/or archiving.
  14. Commission members must disclose any single gift accepted with a fair market value in excess of $300, as well as all gifts from a single donor in a calendar year that collectively exceeds $300. These disclosure statements will be a matter of public record.


  1. City of Edmonton Bylaw 18483 – Council Code of Conduct
  2. City of Edmonton Code of Conduct and Guide