Edmonton Police Commissioners (Commissioners) are expected to represent the public in carrying out their duties as prescribed in the Police Act, City of Edmonton Bylaw #14040, and this policy manual.

It is recognized that elected officials who are appointed to serve on the Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) may, in making decisions or taking actions as a member of the Commission, take into account the broader interests of their constituents, stakeholders, and the municipal corporation as a whole.


  1. Individual members of the Commission must exercise their official duties and functions and arrange their affairs in such a manner that public confidence and trust in the integrity, objectivity, and impartiality of the Commission are conserved and enhanced.
  2. Commission member actions should be guided by the Commission’s Vision and Mission.
  3. Commission members should expect to spend a significant number of hours each month in performance of their duties as required.
  4. All members will attend meetings prepared to discuss items on the agenda and will have read all reports and background materials provided.
  5. Commission members will focus their efforts and discussions on issues related to strategy, policy, and governance oversight.
  6. Individual Commissioners will be appointed to any number of standing committees and/or ad hoc committees.
  7. All Commission members are encouraged to attend functions throughout the community to maintain strong links with individuals and groups.
  8. Each member of the Commission will avail themselves of training opportunities and will become knowledgeable on the practices of good governance and the policing profession.
  9. No individual Commission member shall purport to speak on behalf of the Commission unless they are authorized to do so as outlined in EPC Policy 5.3.3 – Communications and Media Relations.
  10. All Commission members must observe the rules around confidentiality as outlined in the Code of Conduct and the FOIP Act.
  11. Individual Commissioners cannot direct the Executive Director, or any other Commission staff member and all directions or recommendations will follow the guidelines in EPC policy 2.3.1 – Information Requests.
  12. Individual Commissioners have no direct authority over any member of the Edmonton Police Service and all authority flows through approved motions of the Commission.


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