The Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) expects all employees to perform their duties in an efficient and effective manner.


  1. In order to ensure a high level of performance, regular performance reviews will be carried out.
  2. The objectives of these reviews are:
    • to achieve Commission goals;
    • to provide employees with a clear and concise understanding of their duties and responsibilities within their assigned jobs;
    • to establish measuring tools by which the employee’s performance in completing their duties and responsibilities can be evaluated;
    • to identify employee training and staff development needs; and
    • to encourage employees to identify and overcome barriers which limit performance.
  3. The Commission will conduct at a minimum an annual review of the Executive Director, the Chief Internal Auditor, and the Chief of Police.
  4. The Executive Director will conduct at a minimum an annual review of all other Commission employees not listed in Guideline 3.


  1. The Executive Director is responsible for:
    • ensuring that a job description exists for each employee
    • appraising current performance levels and discussing performance expectations with the employee on an ongoing basis
    • identifying areas of each job in which training is needed
    • determine what future objectives/expectations they wish to set.

We apologize but due to the current COVID virus situation the Edmonton Police Commission will be closed to the public until further notice.

If you require information or assistance please call our main line at 780-414-7510 and we can assist you over the phone.