The Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) requires enhanced security clearances (ESC) to manage and mitigate potential risk to the Commission and Edmonton Police Service (Service) by assessing the background of staff, appointed Commissioners, and other individuals who are provided access to sensitive information.


  1. The Commission requires that ESCs will be conducted for all Commission staff members who are provided with access to sensitive police information.
  2. Prior to appointment, any proposed Commission member, including appointed City Councillors, will be subject to an ESC which includes an interview to assess overall suitability for appointment.
  3. Should any commission applicant’s, which includes both public members and Councillor appointees, ESC come back as classified “unable to clear” by the Service, then the applicant may wish to proceed with the reconsideration process as outlined in EPC Policy 3.1.8 – Enhanced Security Clearance Reconsideration for Commissioners.
  4. The Commission requires an ESC for external contractors who will have access to sensitive police information. This includes, but is not limited to, trade persons, consultants, and external auditors.


  1. The Executive Director will be responsible for ensuring all staff members, commission members, and contractors are subject to an ESC.
    • ESC for staff to be completed every five years.
    • ESC for Commission members to be completed every six years.
  2. Commission staff will work with the appointing body to facilitate an ESC prior to appointment.
  3. External contractors engaged by the Commission are subject to an ESC for each contract entered into with the Commission.
    • In the event an external contactor engages in multiple contracts with the Commission that overlap in time, only one ESC will be required.
    • Contractors engaged by the Commission for terms longer than five years will require completion of an ESC every five years.
  4. This requirement will be outlined in all materials relevant to the hiring process including, but not limited to, job postings and requests for proposals.
  5. The Executive Director will ensure all ESC forms remain with the Enhanced Security Clearance Unit.
  6. The Service may, at any time and without prior notice, conduct a criminal record and/or police check of any Commissioner during their term of appointment.


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