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On occasion, when normal investigative techniques fail to solve a particularly serious or high profile case, the offering of a monetary reward may provide the necessary incentive to revitalize case activity.

The Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) recognizes and endorses the use of rewards in cases where the Chief of Police is of the opinion that the reward will assist in the investigation of crimes.


  1. A monetary reward may be considered for any case under investigation when the case is particularly serious, offensive, or of very high profile and all other reasonable investigative techniques and leads have been exhausted.
  2. Rewards will not be given to persons whose knowledge arose through their own participation in the criminal activity.
  3. No Commissioner, Commission staff, sworn and non-sworn member of the Edmonton Police Service, or immediate family member will receive an award for the apprehension of a suspect, or wanted persons, or for supplying information.
  4. The Chief of Police manages the administration of awards.


  1. The Chief will submit for approval to the Commission a proposal for the establishment of a reward. The proposal will include recommendations regarding the posting and the amount of the reward.
  2. All rewards will be posted and advertised under the authority of the Commission.
  3. Rewards remain current for three years and can be renewed for additional terms of up to three years each.
  4. The Chief will submit any recommendations regarding disbursement of reward funds to claimants to the Commission for approval.

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