The Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) supports the formation of permanent and one-time memorial awards to commemorate the passing of a prominent employee of the Edmonton Police Service (Service).


  1. Memorials can be either monetary and/or material gifts given to an individual or group of individuals which has been designated in memory of a person.
  2. Memorials shall be set up with an expressed set of selection criteria and application process.
  3. All award criteria will be formulated to achieve a specific objective of the Commission’s and/or Service’s strategic plan and goals.
  4. The Commission may set up an independent Memorial Committee to assist in developing selection criteria, receive applications, and distribute funds.
  5. The Commission will determine the amount of funding that will be allocated for each individual memorial award.
  6. The Commission shall take all reasonable and appropriate steps to ensure the award is used for the purpose it was intended including, but not limited to, financial recording keeping and reporting.