The Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) endorses and supports the recognition of citizens, sworn and non-sworn members of the Edmonton Police Service (Service) and volunteers who have made a significant contribution to the work of the Edmonton Police Service.


  1. The Commission endorses the Service’s awards and recognition programs.
  2. Formal recognition of deserving individuals and groups is extended through the following awards:
    1. Edmonton Police Commission Citizen Awards
    2. Problem Solving Award
    3. Edmonton Police Service Awards
  3. A civilian may be presented a Citizen Award in recognition of an act of:
    1. Conspicuous courage and/or,
    2. Meritorious action and/or,
    3. Outstanding concern and compassion to an individual or their community in situations which the police become involved.
  4. A civilian can be nominated by either a Service member or a member of the Commission.
  5. A Problem-Solving Award is given to the Recruit with the highest score obtained in this section of each Recruit Training Program.
  6. Individual Commission members, at their discretion, may also provide an official commendation to a Service member for exceptional performance, outstanding work in the community, outstanding contribution to police work and/or innovation and problem-solving.


  1. The Commission will appoint one or more delegates to the Edmonton Police Service Awards Board.
  2. For commendations, individual Commissioners will provide the Chief of Police with a letter outlining the nature of the commendation to be placed on that Service member’s personnel file.