1. The Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) is responsible for hiring and appointing the Deputy Chiefs of Police (Deputy Chiefs). The Commission delegates this hiring responsibility to the Chief of Police (Chief), with the understanding that the Chief will invite the Commission to nominate a member to any interview panel held within the hiring process for the Deputy Chiefs and for the Chief Administrative Officer.
  2. After a Deputy Chief competition is complete, the Chief is to seek ratification of the successful candidate at the Commission. This step is to occur prior to any contractual negotiations.
  3. The Commission also delegates to the Chief the responsibility to negotiate and enter into employment contracts with the Deputy Chiefs. The employment contracts will contain standardized terms and conditions of employment as outlined in the template contract attached as Schedule “A”. The terms and conditions to be negotiated are subject to the following limitations:
    • Term (Section 2.1): Term shall be between two years to five years.
    • Salary (Section 6.2): The salary range must be within the range set by the ML5-BM1 salary grade in the City of Edmonton Management Salary Schedule, or the equivalent document set by the City of Edmonton, applicable the date that the agreement commences.
  4. The Deputy Chiefs of Police are not entitled to any additional compensation not included in the Deputy Chief’s employment contract, unless expressly permitted inwriting by the Chief and ratified by the Commission.
  5. The Chief shall deliver all Deputy Chief employment agreements to the Commission within five days of the agreement being executed.
  6. The Chief may negotiate the renewal of any Deputy Chief’s contract, the terms and conditions of which shall conform to this policy. Any renewal is also subject to subsequent ratification by the Commission.
  7. The Deputy Chiefs shall report to, and take direction solely from, the Chief of Police. Annually, the Chief will evaluate the performance of the Deputy Chiefs and report these performance evaluations to the Commission once completed.
  8. This Policy shall apply to all Deputy Chiefs of Police appointed after the adoption of this policy and to any Deputy Chief employment agreements renewed after the adoption of this policy. Nothing in this policy shall amend or otherwise affect any Deputy Chief employment agreement entered into before and in force on the date of the adoption of this policy.


  1. Schedule “A” – Deputy Chief Employment Contract Template