Pursuant to the Police Act, The Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) is responsible for ensuring that sufficient persons are employed for the Edmonton Police Service (Service) for the purpose of carrying out the functions of the police service.

Succession planning strategies need to be in place to ensure the availability of qualified replacements with the required skill sets and competencies to fill unexpected or upcoming vacancies within the Service.


  1. The Commission requires that the Chief of Police undertakes succession planning for the Service.
  2. The succession planning strategy should include assessment systems that can measure the development of skills, competencies, and required knowledge. The strategy should also incorporate coaching, mentoring, training, and recruitment methods that match personnel requirements and future needs of the Service.
  3. As part of the overall succession plan, the Chief of Police shall report annually to the Commission the succession plans for the position of Chief of Police, Deputy Chiefs, and senior officers.


  1. Police Act, RSA 2000, c P-17

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