The Edmonton Police Commission is responsible for fulfilling a number of governance and oversight functions as outlined in the Police Act. In addition to preparing a joint strategic plan, the Commission is committed to developing an operational plan (work plan) for the Commission that details specific activities and events to be undertaken to implement strategies.


  1. The Commission’s Operational Plan will be developed annually and will align with the goals and objectives within the Strategic Plan.
  2. The Operational Plan will include a statement of the Commission’s priorities for the year, and strategies for engaging with the public and identifying and developing relationships with key stakeholders.
  3. The Commission’s Annual Operating Plan will be shared with Edmonton City Council and the Chief of Police.
  4. The Commission will revisit and revise the Operational Plan on an ongoing basis and will be responsive to emergent needs and/or changes in priorities.

We apologize but due to the current COVID virus situation the Edmonton Police Commission will be closed to the public until further notice.

If you require information or assistance please call our main line at 780-414-7510 and we can assist you over the phone.