The Edmonton Police Commission (Commission) affirms its commitment to the principal that all people have the right to live and work in an environment free of discrimination and harassment and will use this as a guiding principle in dealing with all people.

The Commission promotes and expects respectful and responsible behaviour when interacting with each other, Commission staff, members of the Edmonton Police Service (Service), and the public. The Commission will also promote a work environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.


  1. The Commission will implement policies that promote equality within the Edmonton Police Commission which ensure that all individuals are treated equally, with respect and dignity, and in a manner which is wholly consistent with the protection of the fundamental rights as provided by law to all persons regarding individual rights and employment opportunities.
  2. The Commission will implement policies to ensure that the Commission’s work environment is free of discrimination and harassment and ensure that Commissioners and Commission staff treat the public in the same manner.
  3. All Commissioners and staff will be made aware of these policies on commencement of their duties.
  4. The Commission will establish and maintain a complaint investigation procedure in which all harassment and discrimination complaints are handled seriously, expeditiously, and appropriately.
  5. The Commission expects that the Chief of Police will develop policy and procedures for the Service that address workplace discrimination and harassment ensuring that the principles outlined in this policy statement are reflected.